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Team Taylor

Team Taylor

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πŸŽ—οΈ Join "Team Taylor" Cancer Fundraiser! 🌟

"If you ever need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman."

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Introducing "Team Taylor" Cancer Fundraiser: Join the Battle Against Breast Cancer

In a small town, two months ago, a proactive and determined girl named Taylor made a life-changing discovery. She found a lump in her armpit and wasted no time in seeking medical attention. Her mammogram and ultrasound revealed a suspicious mass in her breast, rather than her armpit. Given the circumstances of her impending move, the medical professionals suggested she wait for three months to have a biopsy. However, Taylor's instincts told her otherwise.

Unsettled by the lump and the appearance of additional ones, Taylor decided to consult a specialist, despite the challenges of navigating healthcare bureaucracy. After a month-long struggle, she finally met a compassionate breast doctor. During a thorough ultrasound examination, the doctor's concerned expression indicated something serious. They retreated to his office to discuss the findings.

Taylor anxiously listened as the doctor revealed his intention to perform nine biopsies. The gravity of the situation struck her, and her mouth gaped open in disbelief. Moreover, the doctor urgently requested a CT scan and MRI, emphasizing the need for immediate attention. Overwhelmed, Taylor agreed to the tests.

Awaiting her husband Nick's arrival, Taylor entered the doctor's office to receive the daunting news. With regret in his voice, the doctor uttered the words that would forever change Taylor's life: "I'm so sorry, but I believe you have breast cancer." Stunned, Taylor couldn't help but let out an inappropriate laughβ€”her mind struggling to grasp the reality of the situation.

Confirming the doctor's suspicions, the pathology report revealed invasive breast cancer with involvement in multiple lymph nodes. Taylor's heart sank. If she had followed the initial advice to delay the biopsy, her prognosis would have been drastically different. Thankfully, she hadn't waited. She had acted on her instincts and sought a second opinion, altering the course of her battle against cancer.

Now, Taylor faces a new chapter in her life. She prepares to leave ahead of her children and husband to receive evaluation and treatment at MD Anderson in Jacksonville, Florida. While grateful for the opportunity to start treatment early, she grapples with the sadness of leaving her loved ones behind, bidding farewell to dear friends she has grown to cherish during her time in the United Kingdom.

Grief washes over Taylor like unpredictable waves, leaving her in a fog of emotions. There are days when coherent thoughts escape her, and she finds solace in silent tears shed in the shower, hidden from her family's watchful eyes. But there are also moments when Taylor's faith and positive attitude shine through, bolstering her resolve to face the challenges ahead.

Since her diagnosis, Taylor has found inspiration in a recurring dream. In her dream, she envisions herself as a courageous lady knight, standing on the edge of a battlefield, awaiting the moment to unleash her army upon an unnamed enemy. She awaits the signal to charge, knowing that once the dragon's name is revealed, she will be better equipped to vanquish it. Clad in her armor, Taylor stands ready to face her battle head-on, determined to conquer the foe before her. She proclaims with unwavering determination, "Let's fucking do this."

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