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Katie Fought Back - Tank Tops

Katie Fought Back - Tank Tops

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Profit Share: Goal is above 40% return of sales to this cause.

The mockups below may vary to production. Please also note, the charcoal hoodie may look black, it is due to the lighting used by the manufacture. It is similar color to the other charcoal variants. 

Dear Beloved Community,

Meet Katie Lynn Poplaski, a vibrant soul facing an unexpected journey through the labyrinth of breast cancer. At the age of 30, Katie discovered a lump in June 2023, marking the beginning of a challenging chapter in her life.

In December of the same year, she received a sobering diagnosis: "invasive mammary carcinoma grade 3 and ductal carcinoma high grade." The shock of those words was overwhelming. Katie, known for bringing beauty into the lives of others as a hairstylist, now finds herself grappling with the harsh realities of cancer.

Amidst this ordeal, unforeseen financial burdens arose, such as the daunting $12,800 for freezing embryos. Alongside battling cancer, Katie has made the brave decision to undergo a double mastectomy and reconstruction, necessitating a work hiatus of 4-6 weeks.

Your support will play a pivotal role in helping Katie weather this storm, providing financial relief during her time away from work. Beyond that, your generosity will contribute to a dream close to her heart—becoming a mother.

This fundraiser is not just about dollars and cents; it's about resilience, community, and the power to turn adversity into triumph. Katie is confident in her ability to overcome this formidable adversary, and your support is the driving force behind that belief.

Let's join hands and transform this challenging chapter into a story of collective strength and victory. Your love and support mean the world to Katie.

This is a pre-sale, please note orders will not enter production until 2/26/24

Please Note: Hoodies and Long Sleeve 3X+ may be swapped for an equal size of a near color due to availability  


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