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Green & Gold Alumni Shirt

Green & Gold Alumni Shirt

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The Wyoming Area Ice Hockey (WAIH) Team and Alumni is made up of both, Wyoming Area and Pittston Area players. This year, WAHI decided to cross the bridge and support a family in the Pittston area for our annual benefit game. This year’s Green and Gold Alumni Benefit Game will be played for Violet Pantucci on Saturday, April 8th at 3pm at Toyota Sportsplex in Wilkes-Barre. There will be an admission fee for players and spectators, 50:50, and basket raffles.

Violet is a 10 year-old 4th grader at Pittston Area. Violet was diagnosed with lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder where the surface of the brain is smooth rather than with ridges and folds. As a result of this disorder, children born with lissencephaly are prone to seizures and respiratory issues. She has frequent seizures, sometimes up to 100 per day. Violet and her family have many serious challenges and she faces uphill battles on a daily basis.

Violet has serious seizure control challenges and has been diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which basically means her seizures are very difficult to control. She is super sensitive to any temperature environmental changes, going from one temperature to another even slightly can put her into a seizure.

Something as simple as the temperature change from the first floor of the house, going up to the second floor of the house can trigger a seizure. Unfortunately, Violet finds herself spending extended visits at the hospital. Violet’s most recent trip to the hospital was last fall where she spent eight weeks at CHOP.

New studies have shown there’s a direct connection between brain and gut. Therefore, Violet does experience digestion challenges as well. She was recently on IV nutrition, to make sure she was getting all of her nutrients.

Please come out and support a great cause!
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